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ARGENTINA | 15-08-2020 09:37

Virus ‘stabilising at high level,’ warns Rodríguez Larreta

Mayor confirms some individual and open-air sports will be authorised from Monday, such as tennis, paddle, golf, horse-riding, rowing and cycling.

Buenos Aires City Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta affirmed yesterday afternoon that the curve of coronavirus contagion in the national capital was "stabilising at a high level" after five weeks at a plateau.

He requested "maximum collaboration” from porteños in the battle against the virus and called for individual responsibility from the citizenry, echoing the thrust of the main message delivered by President Alberto Fernández.

"A fortnight ago we were averaging 1,100 new cases of contagion daily and today we’re still there at 1,100, five weeks on a plateau … with confirmed cases doubling every 43 days although faster in 11 percent of the City,” said the Juntos por el Cambio leader. “That’s a high plateau in what is by far the most densely populated zone in Argentina."

The mayor said that 68 percent of intensive care beds in the capital were occupied by patients with Covid-19 and other diseases, with a further 25,000 cured and back home. He also hailed the success of Operation Detectar, which is active in 32 neighbourhoods with around a quarter of the people reached later testing positive.

Rodríguez Larreta also hailed this week’s announcement of a vaccine against coronavirus to be manufactured in this country, saying: "There’s light at the end of the tunnel giving hope to everybody."

The mayor also announced that various individualistic and open air sports would be cleared as from Monday such as tennis, paddle, golf, horse-riding, rowing, competitive cycling and artistic ice-skating (including trainers) in the new stage of preventive isolation with the appropriate precautions and in low-risk zones.

Rodríguez Larreta further announced that 5,100 pupils (out of around half a million schoolchildren) who were incapable of maintaining the educational link digitally would return to school without giving a date. The mayor further claimed that only five percent of shops were still not allowed to re-open.


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