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ARGENTINA | 03-07-2019 22:49

Video: Delivery man for Glovo kills presumed thief

A security camera captured a struggle between the Glovo driver and the alleged thief which left the latter dead from a stab wound.

A security camera recorded the conclusion of a crime committed in the heart of the city of La Plata. In the video, a Glovo delivery man falls to the ground and rolls alongside another man, an alleged thief who had apparently assaulted a woman. The thief died from his wounds after being stabbed by the delivery man. 

The victim stands motionless on the sidewalk, while the assailant and a companion – both carrying the typical Glovo delivery bags – approach the body to see if it was still moving. 

The incident occurred last night, around 9:00PM, at the corner of 10th and 46th street. The alleged thief, identified as Julio Gabriel Zapata, 47, was wounded and died. 

Police sources told Perfil that Zapata had a .38 calibre revolver that he intended to use to steal her purse. The Glovo driver told police shortly afterwards that Zapata had tried to use his revolver to steal his motorcycle but he managed to disarm and stab him in the chest. 

Minutes later, an ambulance arrived but they found that the alleged-thief was already dead. 


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