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ARGENTINA | 09-05-2018 09:17

US Ambassador Prado arrives in Argentina bringing message of cooperation, openness

The United States Embassy in Buenos Aires has not had an ambassador since Noah Mamet left the job in January 2017, resigning his post following Trump’s election.

The United States’ Ambassador to Argentina, Edward Prado, took up residency in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, filling a year-long vacancy at the Embassy that began with the departure of Obama-appointee Noah Mamet in January 2017.

The US Embassy’s social media was bursting with activity Tuesday as it posted a video of Prado and his wife María arriving to the Ambassador’s Residence, the Palacio Bosch, in the Palermo neighbourhood and greeting staff there. 

A separate video of Prado speaking to Argentines in Spanish was also uploaded. In it, the 70-year-old oultined his vision for Argentine-US relations and expressed his appreciation of basketball star Manu Gibóbili, traditional Argentine food like choripán and empanadas, and the country's world-renowned malbec wine.

He compared Argentina to his home state of Texas, with its cattle industry and energy reserves, and promised to back Argentina in the upcoming football World Cup.


Prado, a former federal judge, was confirmed by the US Senate in March.

Considered a moderate Republican, he had previously sailed through the circuit court judge confirmation process in 2003 with a 97-0 vote in the Senate. Strong opposition to his nomination as Ambassador was not expected.

Through comments in various interviews and his 2003 confirmation hearing, it is clear Prado is a strong believer in the US judicial system, rule of law and the Constitution.

“Compared to everything else there is, our system is pretty darn good,” Prado said in a 2011 interview with the University of Texas Political Science Department. “We are way ahead of everyone else. There is a lot of envy out there of our system.”

Prado grew up speaking Spanish at home in a predominantly Latino neighbourhood in west San Antonio, Texas. Politically, he is generally considered centre-right.

The United States Embassy in Buenos Aires had not had an ambassador since Noah Mamet left the job in January 2017, resigning his post following Trump’s election.


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