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ARGENTINA | 19-02-2020 15:48

Officials search for solution to 'housing emergency' in Buenos Aires

City legislators, officials and social organisations group together to find solutions for those living on streets of the capital, with more than 7,000 believed to be sleeping rough.

In order to provide solutions for the more than 7,000 people who are currently on the streets of the nation's capital, City lawmakers from the governing Frente de Todos coalition have met with the City ombudsman, public officials and auditors to resolve "the housing emergency" in the city.

The most recent ‘Popular Census of Homeless People,’ carried out in mid-2019, showed that that 7,251 people were living on the streets of Buenos Aires City, five times higher than the last recognised number from the government of Horacio Rodríguez Laretta last year, which counted 1,146 inhabitants.

In the middle of a cold spell in July 2019, social organisations found that 73 percent (roughly 5,270 persons) of inhabitants living on the streets were impacted by the wintry bite, among those 860 children and 40 pregnant women who were living without a roof to protect them.

Last winter, at least five people died of cold from sleeping outdoors, while many institutions opened their doors to offer shelter and hot food to the homeless due to low temperatures.

City-Frente de Todos legislators gathered for meetings this week, led by Claudio Ferreño, along with representatives from charities, public agencies and other officials. They agreed to form a working group for the "study and monitoring of social and housing problems," as well assisting those living on the streets.

In a communique issued after the meeting, the group emphasised that, in addition to the thousands of people living on the streets, the housing problem in Buenos Aires "includes the imminent 250 evictions that are a threat to many families, housing subsidies of between 5,000 pesos and 8,000 pesos for each family that is unable to pay rent.”


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