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ARGENTINA | 13-06-2024 16:37

Damage from Congress violence totals 278 million pesos, says Jorge Macri

Buenos Aires City mayor decries violence and vandalism, detailing damage to pavements, kerbs, skips, rubbish bins, streetlights, bicycles, park benches and buildings

Buenos Aires City Mayor Jorge Macri claimed Thursday that the damage to the capital after a night of demonstrations and violence outside Congress totals 278 million pesos.

“Between repairs and cleaning, the damage to our city costs 278 million pesos. Broken pavement, kerbs, skips, rubbish bins, street lights, bicycles, park benches, and graffiti," said Macri, detailing the damage.

"Don’t tell me yesterday’s was a peaceful demonstration. The only thing they did was break and vandalise what belongs to all of us. Why should us citizens of Buenos Aires foot the bill? In our administration, you break it, you pay for it,” stated Jorge Macri.

The mayor said that those who damaged part of the Plaza del Congreso square “are criminals who made a mess and will have to pay for it."

His team later detailed the estimated costs for repairs and cleaning. The operation to clean and replace vandalised materials will take 92 million pesos out of the City's coffers, while repairs and restorations to nearby plazas and the surrounding areas will cost 186 million pesos. 

Lastly, the damage to street lights entails some 3.7 million pesos for their repair.



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