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ARGENTINA | 07-08-2019 16:45

Strikes to halt B, C and D Subte lines on Thursday

The transit union will halt trains Thursday morning over a lack of ticket office workers and the prioritisation of ticket machines in new stations.

Lines B, C and D of the subte will be affected by a strike tomorrow by workers protesting ticket staff shortages in recently opened stations. 

“We would like to not be in this situation,” said Maximiliano Barrera, a union delegate for the E Line. “We would like to find today our co-workers to be working in their respective places and not to have to have a strike.” 

The strike will commence at 5:30 am Thursday. 

In statements to Radio El Destape, the union leader explained that the stations in question, Catalinas and Correo Central, came into operation the beginning of June without ticket personnel and only featuring machines for recharging SUBE cards. 

Likewise, he indicated that since 2013, when the machines were introduced, there has existed an agreement with the company Metrovías to have the principal mode of payment remain the ticket offices. 

“This measure arises as a product of the intransigence of the company,” Barrera said. “We’ve waited two months with the request regarding the lack of ticket offices in recently opened stations of the E line. 

The labour delegate explained that since the moment that stations began to operate without ticket offices they issued a complaint to the Subsecretary of Labour, with whom they’ve had numerous meetings yet have seen no results. 

“The Subsecretary has refused to comply with the agreement that we had, for which we find ourselves in this lamentable situation, but we cannot continue to request job fillings,” he said. 

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