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ARGENTINA | 11-09-2019 11:16

Social movements stage roadblocks and marches throughout Buenos Aires

The day of protest will culminate in a 48 hour encampment on the Av. 9 de Julio as activists call for increased funding for social programs.

Polo Obrero, Barrios de Pie and other social movements will mobilize throughout the City on Wednesday and intend to set up camps for 48 hours in front of the Ministry of Social Development on Avenida 9 de Julio. 

The city of Buenos Aires is set to face a complicated working day due to other transit cuts, the City Transport Secretary said. 

The first road block starts started at 10 am, when the Unión de Empleados de la Justicia de la Nación (UEJN) occupied Talcahuano St. between Tucumán y Lavalle. 

In the City center, the CTERA will also block Avenida de Mayo and Perú. Various social movements including Polo Obrero and Frente Popular Darío Santillán (FPDS) will start an ensuing march at 11 am. Other roadblocks are planned for Ingeniero Huergo and Bartolomé Mitre in the afternoon.

Social movements are frustrated after a meeting between the government and Carolina Stanley, the social leader who led last week’s encampment, officials refused to declare a “nutritional emergency” and concede to other demands 

“The meeting between Ministry officials and Carolina Stanley has completely failed because the government won’t respond to any of the three central points that social movements have been demanding for months,” said various social movements in a press release. 

Eduardo Belliboni, leader of Polo Obreo, told Noticias Argentinas that the three points consisted of creating social programs for recently unemployed workers, spending increases for current social programs and rations for schools. 

Social movements added in a statement even these demands would not compensate inflation hikes during recent months.

“Officials continue to lock out the newly unemployed from existing social programs, which provokes the political economy where people can’t even put a plate of food on the tables of their families,” the statement continued. 



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