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ARGENTINA | 14-02-2023 11:55

Policewoman killed in shooting at Subte C-line station in Retiro

The woman died after receiving a gunshot wound to the chest and a stab wound to the neck; Another person was also injured in the attack, while one person has been arrested.

A female officer from the Buenos Aires City police force has died after she was shot by a passenger who had stolen her service weapon.

The incident took place at the Retiro station of the capital's C-line network on Tuesday morning. 

Police sources consulted by Perfil identified the slain officer as 36-year-ol Maribel Nélida Salazar, a mother of two children (aged five and 13).

According to police sources cited by the Noticias Argentinas news agency, the incident occurred a passenger got off at Retiro station and got into an argument with a staff member from EMOVA, the Buenos Aires underground operator. 

Salazar then intervened and the perpetrator, identified as a male, grabbed her service weapon and started shooting.

Two of the bullets hit the officer, one in the thorax and the other in the neck, sources said. Another of the shots hit an underground worker in the waist, causing a serious but non-life-threatening injury.

Officer Salazar was rushed by helicopter to the Churruca Hospital where she was due to undergo surgery. She did not regain consciousness.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old man was arrested in front of the Sheraton Hotel after trying to flee on foot and discarding the weapon. The detainee, according to initial reports, has a criminal record for gender violence offences dating back to 2021 and for resisting arrest in 2020.

Officer Salazar regularly worked on the underground network, working the C, D, E, H and Premetro lines. 

Underground metro service was initially interrupted, and the circulation of cars in the area is also cut off.

"Line C - Circulates with limited service between Constitución and Gral. San Martin stations," EMOVA reported on its social networks.



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