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ARGENTINA | 29-05-2023 17:25

Second suspect for murder of Corrientes journalist indicted for homicide

Second person arrested for the murder of Corrientes journalist Griselda Blanco refuses to testify in court. Initial suspect, another former partner, released from custody.

A second person arrested for the murder of Corrientes journalist Griselda Blanco was indicted over the weekend for simple homicide after refusing to testify in court.

Businessman and nightclub owner Darío Alfredo Ricardo Holzweissig, 46, faces a possible prison sentence of between eight and 25 years if he is found guilty.

In the first of two hearings he appeared before Caruzú Cuatiá prosecutor María José Barrero Sahagún without testifying.

Federal Police homicide investigators arrested him on the evening of May 25 after he was considered to be a new suspect, alongside Armando Jara, Blanco’s ex-partner, who was finally released on May 26 after providing new evidence.

According to the information obtained by the investigators, Holzweissig had been having a fleeting affair with Blanco, who was working as a journalist in Caruzú Cuatiá.

His home had been searched twice in the course of the week but he was arrested on May 25 on the emergence of evidence linking him to the murder.

Police forensic experts were able to open up Blanco’s mobile telephone where they found some messages revealing a certain tension in the relationship.

The investigation also revealed that the man’s car was seen near  Blanco’s home on the day of the murder, a detail corroborated via the security cameras in the zone.

The woman’s death is in the hands of the Federal Police’s División Homicidios y Departamento Técnico del Cibercrimen investigating murders and cybercrimes, which in turn depends on the Superintendencia de Investigaciones Federales. 



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