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ARGENTINA | 04-12-2023 18:53

Scioli? Royón? Government officials who might stay on with Javier Milei

Besides retaining Argentina's Ambassador to Brazil, veteran Peronist Daniel Scioli, current Energy Secretary Flavia Royón might be appointed the head of the Mining Secretariat. Questions remain about Migrations, the AFIP Tax Office and Customs.

The government being prepared by Javier Milei ahead of his December 10 inauguration is seeking – via its incoming Interior Minister Guillermo Francos – to open up the game for sectors of Peronism in areas of power with interests by both national and foreign capitals. 

Some are in the current administration. Last week it was future foreign minister, Diana Mondino, who acknowledged that the idea of the president-elect is to have Daniel Scioli to continue as Argentina's Ambassador to Brazil, at least for now, a proposal the former Buenos Aires Province governor would accept.

Yet it is not just Scioli. Soon there will be a key meeting between Nicolás Posse (Milei's future Cabinet chief) and the current Energy Secretary Flavia Royón to finalise the continuation of the official in her post. The official would be in charge of mining, an essential area that involves sourcing investors both nationwide and abroad. “Mining is the most important potential outside the agricultural sector. Royón knows the sector inside-out,” said one of Milei’s aides.

The official was the head of the provincial Energy & Mining Ministry in Salta under the tutelage of Governor Gustavo Sáenz. Royón reached the Alberto Fernández administration with the consent of Economy Minister Sergio Massa.

Her replacement at the Energy Secretariat will be Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, who already made it known that he approves of keeping Royón on to take over the Mining Secretariat.

Florencio Randazzo has been ruled out as a potential leader in the lower house Chamber of Deputies, although Hacemos por Nuestro País presidential candidate, outgoing Córdoba Province Governor Juan Schiaretti has managed to place two of his aides in key positions. Franco Mogetta will go to the Transport Secretariat and Osvaldo Giordano will be the head of the ANSES Social Security bureau. According to sources consulted by Perfil, “at least” two more men trusted by Schiaretti have yet to join the ranks.

Mogetta is currently head of the Transport portfolio in Córdoba. However, he took part in transition talks with current authorities and the incoming Infrastructure minister, Gustavo Ferraro. A former businessman in Catamarca, Mogetta entered public office during Schiarett’s last term, and his appointment is part of the political agreements between provincial leader Schiaretti and president-elect Javier Milei.

Lastly, there are still rumours about the identity of the head of Customs agency. Guillermo Michel, currently in the position, could stay on. Those in the import sector who will be a part of the libertarian government do not rule out keeping Michel on, as he has made a career in the sector for over a decade.

Ramón Indart

Ramón Indart


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