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ARGENTINA | 28-06-2018 20:38

Relatives of ARA San Juan's crew protest against government

Relatives of missing ARA San Juan crew chain themselves to fence in front of Casa Rosada, demanding the government do more to locate the missing vessel

Relatives of the 44 crew-members who vanished with the ARA San Juan submarine have chained themselves to the fence in front of the Casa Rosada to demand more efforts to locate the vessel.

The relatives complain that the government has been too slow to contract a private company to continue the search for the missing vessel, which disappeared on November 15 in the South Atlantic.

Four people chained themselves to the fence outside the Casa Rosada on Thursday, and they were supported by about a dozen other relatives.

The last of the 18 nations helping search for the sub pulled out in April and efforts to contract a private operator to continue have been complicated by disputes about which companies are qualified.

- AP

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