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ARGENTINA | 01-08-2019 12:59

Read our special tribute edition to Andrew Graham-Yooll

Our entire special 100th edition, dedicated to the late, great writer and journalist Andrew Graham-Yooll, is now online for you to read for yourself.

On Saturday, July 6, 2019, we were saddened to learn that journalist and writer Andrew Graham-Yooll had passed away in London.

Graham-Yooll, a legendary former editor of the Buenos Aires Herald and a weekly columnist for the Buenos Aires Times from our very first edition, was a icon of the Anglo Argentine community in this country and tributes were quick to pour in from across the world.

In tribute to his memory, we decided to dedicate our 100th print edition on July 20 to his memory, paying tribute to this brilliant, influential and courageous journalist, whose words and presence we were lucky enough to have grace our pages since our very first edition.

However, in recent weeks, we've received many requests from those who missed our special edition, with many seeking to read our selection of articles, columns and tributes to Andrew.

So, we've decided to put it up online permanently, for readers – new and old – to discover in the years to come. Enjoy!



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James Grainger

James Grainger

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