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ARGENTINA | 31-07-2018 16:55

Protesters against abortion reform rally outside presidential residence

Hundreds of people rallied Monday night outside the Olivos presidential residence, demanding rejection of bill that would decriminalises abortion.

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated outside the presidential residence in Olivos on Monday night to reject proposed legislation that would decriminalise abortion.

With a Senate debate and vote due August 8, campaigners opposed to the controversial legislation are seeking to step up the pressure on lawmakers and ensure President Mauricio Macri has heard their demands.

Under the slogan 'Salvemos los dos vidas' ("Save the two lives"), demonstrators were clad in the blue handkerchiefs that identifies them as opponents of the legislation. They were accompanied by a giant doll in the shape of a foetus and chanted at President Macri personally, calling on him to ensure the bill is not passed.

Government officials have already said the president, who is personally not in favour of the bill, would not veto the law, should it clear the upper chamber.

"We want to ask the Executive for help with public policies for women in vulnerable situations. Abortion is not the solution," said Ayelén Amancay, the leader of the Más Vida NGO, one of the anti-abortion organisations that called for the mobilisation to Olivos.

The Catholic Church has called a Mass at the Cathedral of Buenos Aires for Wednesday, August 8 at night, coinciding with the scheduled debate in the Senate.

If passed, the legislation would authorise the free and legal termination of a pregnancy up until the 14th week.

The bill was approved in the lower house Chamber of Deputies on June 14.




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