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ARGENTINA | 23-04-2019 18:19

Owner of Chinese supermarket shot in hit-and-run motorcycle attack

Woman shot in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Monte Castro, in a dramatic in hit-and-run motorcycle attack.

The owner of a Chinese supermarket in the Buenos Aires City neighbourhood of Monte Castro was shot today in a dramatic in hit-and-run motorcycle attack.

Police are searching for a man of "Asian origin," police officials told the Noticias Argentinas news agency, confirming that they believe the shooting was a targeted attack and not an attempted robbery.

According to police sources cited by NA, the incident occurred at a supermarket located at 5100 Álvarez Jonte avenue. A woman, the owner of the store, was shot in the left arm and torso by the perpetrator, who subsequently escaped with an accomplice on a motorcycle. 

As the emergency services arrived to treat the victim, police officers from local police station 10 A then went to the supermarket to interview employees, who identified the attacker as being of "Oriental origin."

Employees said the attacker spoke to the owner in a language that appeared to be Mandarin, before attacking her.

Ballistics experts recovered three casings from a .22-calibre weapon and a deformed bullet from the scene, as well as taking security camera footage away with them.

The victim was taken to Vélez Sarsfield Hospital with bullet wounds in her left arm and torso. 

In the past, there has often been 'turf war' battles between owners of Chinese supermarkets in Argentina, which can be found across the country in high numbers.


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