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ARGENTINA | 11-12-2022 09:04

Officials in Argentina call for face-masks on public transport amid Covid surge

Rise in coronavirus cases in Buenos Aires City and Province prompts Transport Ministry officials to call on passengers to return to wearing face-masks.

Officials in Argentina on Saturday recommended that passengers use face-masks while travelling on public transport amid an increase in Covid-19 cases.

"Faced with the increase in cases of Covid-19, the Transport Ministry of the Nation, led by Diego Giuliano, recalls the care to be taken into account in the use of the Public Transport system of passengers, and recommends the following general health prevention measures," said the national government said in a statement.

Officials said passengers should use a face-mask while travelling on short and long distance buses and train services, both underground and overground. They also stressed the importance of maintaining constant ventilation in enclosed spaces.

In this regard, it stressed that it is essential to "keep as much distance as possible” from other passengers, avoid crowds and ensure that noses and mouths are covered when coughing and sneezing. It also recommended that as many activities as possible be switched outside.

Finally, and in accordance with recent instructions issued by the National Health Ministry, the Transport Ministry recommended passengers ensure they have had a new Covid-19 vaccine booster, especially for those aged over 50 years of age.

Last week, Argentina's Health Ministry reported that coronavirus infections were up by more than 375 percent on the previous week, with 12,609 new confirmed cases. Buenos Aires City and Province were responsible for 88 percent of those, with 6,032 in the capital and 5,134 registered in the nation’s most-populous region.



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