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ARGENTINA | 17-05-2024 16:08

Another Spanish government minister lets rip at Milei, accusing him of spreading hate

Argentina's President Javier Milei arrives in Spain for controversial trip, during which he will support the leader of the far-right Vox party and shun Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

One of the top ministers in Spain's Socialist government, Yolanda Díaz, accused President Javier Milei on Friday of spreading “hate” as a war of words between Argentina and Spain continued.

Díaz's remarks coincided with the visit of the Argentine President to Madrid and  come just a couple of weeks after another verbal attack from, by a Spanish minister.

“There aren’t many generators of hate, but they make a lot of noise and flood everything. Milei and other hate governments are back with cutbacks and authoritarianism,” said Spain's Second Deputy Prime Minister at a rally.

Díaz, who heads the Labour Ministry, is the leader of Sumar, a radical left grouping and a minor partner in the coalition of the Government with Pedro Sánchez’s socialists.

Milei arrived in Spain on Friday. It is his first visit to the country since his inauguration last December and he does not have meetings scheduled with King Felipe VI or Prime Minister Sánchez.

Argentina's President is due to present one of his two new books, El camino del libertario, on Friday at the auditorium of Spanish newspaper La Razón, and on Saturday he will meet businesspeople.

On Sunday, he will be the star guest of a rally organised by Spanish far-right party Vox, which is led by Santiago Abascal, a long-time ally.

Also in attendance will be far-right leaders French politician Marine Le Pen and Chilean ex-presidential candidate José Antonio Kast.

Díaz’s remarks come after Spanish Transport minister Óscar Puente made a “mistake” (as he put it) in claiming last month that Milei had taken “substances” before a speech.

The Argentine Government issued a tough press release condemning these words, but, after Puente’s apologies, the matter was declared “closed” and “finished” by Presidential Spokesman Manuel Adorni on May 6.






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