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ARGENTINA | 12-06-2024 17:13

Mondino pushes back on reports her time as Argentina's foreign minister is nigh

Argentina's top diplomat Diana Mondino insists she retains the support of President Javier Milei and expresses confidence government's 'Ley de Bases' reform bill will be approved by Congress.

Foreign Minister Diana Mondino says she will continue in her job and she is confident President Javier Milei’s ‘Ley de Bases’ mega-reform bill will clear Congress.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, let’s hope so,” said the minister on Thursday as she was pressed by journalists over her future.

Asked about Milei’s sweeping reform bid, she said there is “no reason for it not to be passed, no argument.”

Mondino, whose future has been the subject of speculation in the local press, said she feels supported by President Milei despite the rumours.

Argentina’s top diplomat made the remarks as she attended the “Rebirth of Freedom in Argentina and the World” summit, organised by Fundación Libertad y Progreso.

Speculation was sparked by the news that Mondino will not accompany President Milei to the G7 summit in Italy this week.

Given her position and rank, her absence is almost inexplicable. The revelation emerged just days after it was confirmed that the Foreign Ministry had lost control of a foundation dedicated to international trade and investment. 

Control and oversight of the office has been passed to presidential chief-of-staff Karina Milei, the President’s sister, who has also taken her place at the G7. 

“The transfer [of the foundation] was made because we believe it will be more efficient when dependent on the President, because it will be all up to what depends on the country as a brand and to sell Argentina to the world,” said Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni this week.

According to the government, the G7 determination is due to the limited number of accreditations available for the summit. 

Mondino is not said to be a “favourite” of Milei, unlike his sister and Human Capital Minister Sandra Pettovello. 

The President is scheduled to travel on June 12 to the Italian region of Puglia, specifically the town of Savelletri, where the luxury Borgo Egnazia hotel is located. The G7 Leaders Summit takes place from June 13 to 15.

Milei has not confirmed if he will attend a peace summit on Ukraine, which will be hosted by Switzerland on June 15 and 16 at Burgenstock, a city near Luzern. Mondino, however, will attend, along with Defence Minister Luis Petri.

Mondino is then due to travel to New York, where on June 18 she will attend a meeting of the UN Decolonisation Committee.

President Milei is likely to return to Argentina after the G7 summit for the national holidays on June 17 (the death of General Martín Miguel de Güemes) and June 20 (the death of General Manuel Belgrano).

He will visit Madrid, Spain, on June 21, and then on to Hamburg, Germany on June 22. 



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