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‘Interspecies medium' who helped Milei 'talk' to dead dog grants interview

Celia Liliana Melamed provided details of her sessions with President Javier Milei, shedding light on head of state's cloning of late canine Conan.

The medium specialised in "interspecies communication" who says she helped President Javier Milei speak with his dead dog says she admits the situation is “a little strange” in a rare radio interview.

Celia Liliana Melamed, a veterinarian and supposed “animal medium” made the remark in an interview with journalist Ernesto Tenembaum.

“Look, I understand many people find it very strange. And the truth is if I were on the other side, and this hadn’t happened, I’d find it strange, too,” she said in the interview.

Last week Presidential Spokesman Manuel Adorni was asked about Milei's late English Mastiff, Conan, said to have died seven years ago.

Milei had Conan cloned, and today is believed to own four copies he refers to as "four-legged children." Yet last month the President himself referred in an interview with CNN this month to his five dogs. 

At a press conference, Adorni was asked if Milei has four dogs – but sees five – and if so, whether he can be said to have a firm grip on reality.

Adorni shot back that it was "disrespectful” to ask such a question, but he did not clarify how many dogs the president owns.

Quizzed about the issue of Milei’s dogs, those who are alive and the allegedly deceased Conan, Melamed was asked how she helps owners communicate with their dead pets. 

“When the animal dies, do you also have the possibility of somehow communicating with the animal and to convey to the owner, master, I don’t know how to say it, technically what happens to their soul, or something like that?” asked Tenembaum.

Responding in the affirmative, Melamed said that she works “with the animal’s photo and I connect with what the photo conveys.”

“What I say is I’m in tune with energy, so to speak, or the animal’s soul. And it shows something,” she continued. “The first thing it shows is what happened when it died, how it experienced its death. What I learned is that to us, human beings, it would seem like death is an ending, and the soul doesn’t view it as an ending.”

Melamed, who says she has communicated with deceased dogs, cats, horses and birds, also spoke with YouTube star Migue Pardo, during which she spoke about Milei’s relationship with his dead dog.

She was asked if the dog cloned from its genetic information was a reincarnation of Conan and the medium recalled a chat with the President when she worked for him.

“Anything’s possible. Once he told me one of the dogs knew the house: where the food was, the bed, she knew places,” Melamed said.

“What can I say? Is it Conan or not? It’s not important. The most important thing is: you, as the human being in charge, what do you feel?” she continued. “The truth is it’s just a minor detail.”


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