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ARGENTINA | 22-09-2020 22:12

Mauricio Macri spends night in hospital, has 'benign tumour' removed

Former president hospitalised for intestinal studies consisting of endoscopy for polyps in his colon. Doctor confirms procedure was scheduled beforehand and resulted in removal of "benign tumour."

Former president Mauricio Macri was hospitalised on Tuesday for intestinal studies consisting of endoscopy for polyps in his colon.

His wife, Juliana Awada, said that the endoscopy – which took place at the Otamendi Hospital – had been programmed since March. 

A doctor for the hospital later confirmed that a "benign tumour" had been removed from the former president's large intestine.

"It was a lesion in the large intestine, which had already been biopsied and was benign," Doctor Pedro Ferraina told gathered members of the press outside the institution.

"Fortunately, and thanks to the experience of endoscopists, it was possible to perform this resection of a benign tumour" without resorting to a largescale intervention, he added, saying the process lasted over an hour. 

He said the former president would spend the night at the health centre and confirmed that the procedure had been planned before the PRO party leader's recent trip to France and Switzerland.

Macri has suffered various health problems in recent years, cracking a rib while playing with his daughter Antonia early in 2016 in the first month of his presidency.

In mid-2016 he was hospitalised at Olivos Clinic with arrhythmia, briefly causing a health scare, but he was discharged within a few hours following coronary arteriography and other studies. A few weeks later a game of paddle gave him a bad turn in his right knee in the form of a meniscal injury requiring arthroscopy. He underwent a successful operation in July at the Instituto del Diagnóstico, returning to the clinic the following month for infiltration with special templates. 

The close of that year saw him again undergoing surgery, this time for a polyp in his overused vocal cords. That pathological inflammation was removed via laser by the ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Rafael Perrone with Macri walking out of the hospital immediately afterwards. The next year his right knee played him up again and he was operated by the medical team of Dr Miguel Khoury at the Otamendi hospital where he returned this week.

In May, 2018, a benign pancreatic cyst was detected and last October he underwent ozone injections for back pains, a medical treatment revealed to the public by his cousin, Vicente López Mayor Jorge Macri.


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