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ARGENTINA | 03-12-2018 06:26

Malcorra: 'G20 per se not going to bring international investment'

Susana Malcorra played a key role in Argentina's hosting of the G20 during the early organisation of the event.

Argentina's former Foreign Affairs minister has cautioned against the idea the country could receive "a downpouring of investments" following the G20 Leader Summit.

Susana Malcorra, who played a key role in Argentina's hosting of the G20 during the early organisation of the event, said the world had seen how "Argentina is part of the formation of an international agenda" and that it can "give opinions and guide things in favour of local interests".

However, she also cautioned against excessive optimism about Argentina receiving major international investments as a result of the G20.

"The G20 per se will not bring a down pouring of investmenets. What's more, there are many countries fighting for the same and that was why it was important to have hosted the leaders summit. It gives us a competitive advantage, now we have to show we are serious", she told Radio Mitre.

Malcorra said the positive results of the G20 "evidently must now decanter in concrete actions which later bring results for the everyday (Argentine) citizen".

Malcorra was Mauricio Macri's Foreign Affairs minister until May 2017. She was replaced by Jorge Faurie.

The experienced international diplomat also took the opportunity to dismiss concerns about the lack of protocol during French President Emmanuel Macron's arrival to Ezeiza International Airport, where no government official was there to receive him. 

"These things happen", Malcorra said. "It's very Argentina to put emphasis on what went wrong and not what went well".



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