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ARGENTINA | 03-04-2018 10:53

Macri: 'The Malvinas Islands belong to us'

The meeting between President Macri and relatives of the Argentine soldiers who died in combat in 1982 was held on the 36th anniversary of the conflict at the Olivos presidential palace.

President Mauricio Macri met Monday with relatives of the Argentine soldiers who died in combat during the 1982 war between Argentina and Great Britain over control over the Malvinas (Falklands) Islands.

The meeting at the Olivos presidential palace was held on the 36th anniversary of the conflict.

Macri was joined by his Human Rights Secretary Claudio Avruj.

“Thank you for being here in the house of all Argentines. Today is a special day for everybody who loves this country and each April 2 we remember the young people who sacrificed everything for a dream which we have not given up on”, Macri said.

“The Islands belong to us”, the President said.

“Thank you for everything they did and for being here together and betting on the future and on coming together”, he added.

The head of state praised the “diplomacy and dialogue” between Argentina and Great Britain which led to the identification of the 121 previously unnamed tombs at the Argentine cemetery on the Islands, near Darwin.

“After so many years of resignation and anguish, with dialogue and diplomacy we have been able to begin to resolve that anguish. I hope you have been able to find your loved ones and put an end to that painful period of your lives”, Macri said.


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