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ARGENTINA | 18-05-2019 11:00

Kirchner’s former accountant released from jail after explosive claims

Victor Manzanares, the former accountant of the Kirchner family, was released yesterday on his own recognizance yesterday by the judges of the TOF5 court trying suspected money-laundering at the Los Sauces hotel owned by the Kirchners.

Earlier in the week Manzanares had made a news splash by estimating the money stolen by the Kirchners at around US$ 10 billion, asserting that he had carried suitcases containing US$ two million at a time to the house of the parents-in-law of current defendant Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. He himself had had up to US$ 20-30 million in his own home at times, he alleged. Manzanares also pointed a finger at the Kirchners’ late presidential secretary Daniel Muñoz as a key figure in the money-laundering.

In ordering his release, the judges ruled out any flight risk. Since his arrest Manzanares has entered a witness protection programme.

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