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ARGENTINA | 15-11-2021 21:37

Kirchnerism renews its control of the Conurbano

In Greater Buenos Aires, the ruling party increased its number of votes from the PASOs, reversing defeats Quilmes and San Martín. Opposition did manage to turn round the race in Lanús, where Juntos por el Cambio won by less than a point.

Despite suffering defeat in a host of races nationwide in Sunday’s election, a closer look at the results underlines the government’s improved performance in Greater Buenos Aires. 

Frente de Todos increased its share of the vote and managed to turn around two key races, reversing PASO primary defeats in Quilmes and San Martín.

In their own dramatic comeback, the opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition also managed to defy expectations in Lanús, winning by less than a percentage point.

The ruling coalition’s ability to retain control of Greater Buenos Aires and increase its share of the vote was the main reason for Frente de Todos’ improved performance in the nation’s key battleground, Buenos Aires Province.

Comfortable government victories in the First and Third Electoral Sections (the North and South Sides of Greater Buenos Aires) in districts like La Matanza, Lomas de Zamora, Almirante Brown, Merlo and Moreno were crucial.

As well as from holding these districts, Frente de Todos was able to reverse PASO defeats in San Martín, the territory of Public Works Minister Gabriel Katopodis, and in Quilmes, whose mayor is the La Cámpora leader Mayra Mendoza.

Overall, the national government improved its September 12 performance in Buenos Aires Province, and, over and above the list of Victoria Tolosa Paz finishing behind Diego Santilli in Congress voting, the narrow defeat was seen as a technical draw.

The work of the local mayors paid off at the ballot-box.

The final results allow Frente de Todos to maintain control of the provincial Senate while equalling the opposition with 15 national deputies each.

Government victories were scored in districts like Hurlingham, José C. Paz, Malvinas Argentinas, Pilar, San Fernando, Avellaneda, Berazategui, Ensenada, Esteban Echeverría, Ezeiza and Florencio Varela. Defeats came in Ituzaingó, Vicente López, Tres de Febrero and San Isidro, narrowing the PASO differences in all cases. 

One exception to the general rule was Lanús, where Juntos por el Cambio had lost the PASO primary but recorded a dramatic victory, with Mayor Néstor Grindetti prevailing by less than one percentage point.



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