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ARGENTINA | 16-11-2023 16:45

Chubut judge caught kissing inmate loses job after impeachment trial

Chubut magistrate Mariel Alejandra Suárez was denounced after a video was made public showing her allegedly kissing an inmate she had previously convicted at a prison at Trelew. She denied the allegation and said she visited the prisoner to do research for a book.

The Chubut Trial Tribunal has impeached the judge in criminal matters from Comodoro Rivadavia Mariel Suarez, who had been filmed by a camera in the Trelew prison while kissing a dangerous criminal she herself had tried for a crime.

The impeachment was due to improper performance after kissing Cristian Bustos, a dangerous criminal who was accused of murdering his nine-month-old son and a policeman who tried to apprehend him while he was on the loose, and the magistrate tried him for the second killing.

The decision was voted by the president of the Trial Tribunal and minister of the High Court of Justice of Chubut, Daniel Báez, provincial deputy Claudia Williams and attorney Miguel Ángel Barletta; whereas legislator Selva Mónica Saso and attorney María Florencia Góngora voted against it.

Judge Suarez had tried Bustos for the murder committed on March 8, 2009 of policeman Leandro Roberts when he was trying to capture him for the murder of his own son. 

As a member of a Court, the magistrate tried Bustos, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, although she had voted for a minimum sentence.

After the verdict, in December 2021, she was recorded in the visit log of the Trelew prison, as was their kiss, although she has always denied it.

For the Tribunal, the attitude of the magistrate was “unbecoming” and is the grounds for malfeasance.



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