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ARGENTINA | 27-02-2024 15:25

President goes prime time: Milei to deliver Friday night state-of-the-nation speech

President Javier Milei moves ceremonial congressional address to Friday night at 9pm, seeking larger audience.

President Javier Milei is going late night: Argentina's libertarian leader has decided to move the traditional state-of-the-nation speech marking the opening of Congress' regular sessions to the evening.

Milei, 53, will deliver the 142nd state of the nation address at Friday, March 1, at 9pm – not at noon, as is normally the custom.

A decree confirming the new was published in the Official Gazette this morning.

The regulation is signed by President Milei and Cabinet Chief Nicolás Posse. It is grounded on “the powers granted under Section 99, Subsection 8 of the Constitution," according to the decree.

Presidential Spokesperson Manuel Adorni hinted Tuesday that the decision to move the speech to prime time is an attempt to gain a wider audience. 

He said at a press conference that the time scheduled “seemed reasonable to us as more televisions will be on."

Adorni said that President Milei had not written “a line” of his address yet, although he stressed that it will be based on “our findings” and “riddled with data" about Argentina and what is to come.

Milei’s speech will be his first delivered before legislators. For his inauguration, he chose to address supporters outside Congress after being sworn-in at the Legislative Assembly. 

He is expected to outline his government’s objectives for the coming year.

The speech will likely include references to role of the Legislative Branch and the failure of Milei's sweeping “Omnibus Law” mega reform package.




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