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ARGENTINA | 29-07-2019 14:13

Ipsos study: WhatsApp beats out Google as most influential brand in Argentina

The annual report – which included WhatsApp for the first time – had the messaging service upset Google, YouTube and Facebook.

WhatsApp has officially beaten out Google as the most influential brand in Argentina, a new study found. 

A year-long study on the world’s top brands conducted by market research firm Ipsos found that Argentines continue to be enamoured by multinational digital brands. Yet 2018 was the first year Ipsos included WhatsApp in its poll – the messaging service promptly surged to first place, beating out other giant tech brands like Google, YouTube and Facebook. 

“The brands that were, as we would say linking, digital, are the leaders. They are already so present in our daily lives, even if it doesn’t seem like a brand, like WhatsApp,” said Brenda Lynch Wade, director of public affairs for Ipsos Argentina. “There are people that don’t know it is a brand, nevertheless it’s a product that's in the lives of consumers all the time.” 

The study, conducted in 16 countries, analysed different brands along five dimensions: connectivity, innovation, trustworthiness, social responsibility and visibility. 

Of the dimensions, respondents in Argentina placed connectivity and innovation as the most important aspects of influential brands. 

“What we’ve seen over the years since we began the ranking, is that it’s changed a lot since the beginning,” Lynch Wade added. “The brands that were for products, food and services, that were off-line, the traditional brands of the 20th century, were replaced in recent years by digital brands.” 

The top 10 most influential brands in Argentina are as follows: 

  1. WhatsApp 
  2. Google 
  3. YouTube
  4. Facebook 
  5. Mercado Libre
  6. Samsung 
  7. Visa 
  8. Netflix 
  9. Microsoft 
  10. Coca-Cola

Netflix also broke into the study’s top ten for the first time. In 2013, the entertainment streaming service placed last amongst 100 other brands. 

“It’s a ‘fast-mover,” Wade said. “It’s a brand that was consolidating. It’s one of the examples of how with the ranking we began to see a brand in last place and increase, in very little time.” 


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