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ARGENTINA | 19-06-2023 17:09

In a province shaken by a disappearance, opposition rocks Chaco’s governor

With Cecilia Strzyzowski’s suspected femicide dominating the agenda, opposition Juntos por el Cambio coalition emerges from PASO primary with an advantage of almost six percent over the ruling party in Chaco, sparking concern for Governor Jorge Capitanich.

After a slow vote count that took 12 hours, Juntos por el Cambio defeated the ruling party by six points in Chaco. The two opposition coalition lists in the PASO primary totalled 42.66 percent with 96.1 percent of votes counted, while the ruling party was less than 200,000 votes down with 36.83 percent.

The figure is the lowest in an election in which Governor Jorge Capitanich has run for office. Only 53.3 percent of Chaco’s population cast a vote during an election held over a long weekend, with Father's Day on Sunday and the scandal of Cecilia Strzyzowski's disappearance looming large.

Leandro Zdero will be the one competing for the governorship since he won the internal election against Radical candidate Juan Carlos Polini by 8,500 votes, based on an excellent performance in Resistencia.

Juntos por el Cambio won in the agricultural areas of the southwest of the province and in Chaco’s two big cities: Resistencia and Roque Saenz Peña.

The Peronist candidate, an opponent of Capitanich, Gustavo Martinez, also the current mayor of Resistencia, did not reach 10 points with his CER space taking 8.87 percent. The libertarians had only 2.75 percent, a level which will allow them to compete in the final election this September.

For the opposition, Juntos por el Cambio will keep the votes and the electoral climate, after the national PASO in August, will be negative for the governor commonly known as ‘Coqui.’

If Cecilia does not appear, the social climate will become even more critical for Capitanich. Yesterday, at his party bunker, the long faces were noticeable despite the note of optimism from the governor.

In Zdero's bunker, on the other hand, they spoke of a "historic" moment.

For a few minutes, everyone seemed to agree to forget the case that has shaken the country.

Fernando Burlando's team of lawyers will be arriving in the province soon, while Miguel Ángel Pierri confirmed on Por las buenas (Radio Rivadavia) that he will represent Cecilia's sister.

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by Luis Gasulla, Noticias Argentinas


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