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ARGENTINA | 19-01-2018 14:10

Gov't backs Labour Minister accused of informal employment, insults

“We consider him an excellent Labour minister and we support him”, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña said, after calls for Triaca to resign.

Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña defended Labour Minister Jorge Triaca on Friday, describing the insulting voice message Triaca sent to former house keeper and assistant Sandra Heredia as “a mistake”.

Triaca called Heredia a “dumbass” and used other profanities in a voice message over to her alleged absence from his family’s estate on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Heredia has accused Triaca of paying part of her salary ‘under the table’ until 20 days prior to the current government winning office. Triaca has denied the claims.

The voice message was not “something that should cost him his job”, Peña said. He praised Triaca for his “personal qualities and everything he has achieved”. Some opposition leaders and social media users were this week calling for Triaca's resignation.

“We consider him an excellent Labour minister and we support him”, he said.

Heredia had worked for the Triaca family since 2012. 

Her lawyer Walter Lasagna said the Labour Minister had secured Heredia a role in the United Maritime Workers Union (SOMU), which the government has intervened, when Heredia requested a pay rise.

“We consider the explanations (that Triaca gave) to be clear and reasonable: the person went to work, the intervention of the SOMU was exemplary”, Peña said.

Triaca is currently on leave on the coastal city of Chapadmalal. 


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