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ARGENTINA | 13-12-2019 19:10

First lady Fabiola Yáñez visits Pope Francis at the Vatican

As her first diplomatic engagement abroad, the first lady travels to Rome to meet with Pope Francis at the seat of the Catholic Church.

Argentina's new first lady, Fabiola Yáñez, visited Pope Francis at the Vatican Friday to celebrate the opening of a new location of Scholas Occurrentes, a global network of Church-supported schools. 

Yáñez, the partner of President Alberto Fernández, gave Pope Francis the golden chalice that was used in last week's Mass attended by outgoing president Mauricio Macri and Fernández. It took place at the Basílica de Luján and celebrated "patriotism and unity." The two leaders, outgoing and incoming, shared an embrace.

Also in attendance were the first ladies of Brazil, Belize, Colombia and Paraguay as well as the two global directors of Scholas Occurrentes. 

Her visit to Rome marks the first official international act of diplomacy for Yáñez in her new capacity as first lady of Argentina. 

She also met with Daniel Gustafson, adjunct general director of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), and Máximo Torero Cullen, the general sub-director of FAO's social and economic development.

"I was able to learn about the programmes that are moving forward and communicate to them the interest our government has in ending hunger and malnutrition in our country," Yáñez wrote on her Instagram account. 


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