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ARGENTINA | 21-02-2020 13:42

'Soon' – Fernández vows to present abortion legalisation

Health Minister, Ginés González García, declares that President Fernández will send an abortion reform bill to Congress "soon," but underlines that the Peronist leader will determine its timetable.

The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, said that President Alberto Fernández will send "soon" to the National Congress the project of legalisation of the abortion, and clarified that "the times of the presentation are decided by the President."

“Since the beginning the [national] government  worked on this project, we are working very discreetly. The Government has said that it will be a central focus, but the times of presentation are decided by the President,” emphasised González García in a press conference in the ‘Residencia de Olivos’.

Consulted about whether the Head of State would present the project on opening sessions of March 1, he responded: “I esteem that it will be soon [the presentation], but I can’t tell you the day because I don’t know it.”

In addition, he indicated that they will seek to “offer the option that in the same way that those who do not want to continue with the pregnancy, because it is a non-voluntary pregnancy, that those who want to continue with the option of the pregnancy have the whole system of protection."

“The idea is that any woman who wants to take the option has the whole protection system and all the guarantee of Rights, whichever option she takes,” he concluded. 



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