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ARGENTINA | 23-04-2022 00:09

Environmentalists march in Argentina to demand climate change action

Coinciding with Earth Day, hundreds of people marched in Buenos Aires on Friday to demand more effort be made to tackle climate change.

Coinciding with Earth Day, hundreds of people marched in Buenos Aires on Friday to demand greater environmental protection policies.

The protesters, mostly young people, gathered in front of Congress to petition lawmakers to pass laws to protect Argentina's wetlands, increase access to land and to establish rules for the recycling of rubbish, among other demands.

"There is no wealth on a dead planet," read one banner bearing the signature of the "Youth for Climate" movement.

"Environmental justice is social justice," read another displayed before the march, in which the demonstrators walked from the historic Plaza de Mayo to the National Congress building.

Social organisations, youth wings of political parties and workers' movements also participated in the march with colourful banners and slogans declaring they were "against ecocide."

"Seas free of oil companies," read another sign carried by dozens of young people wearing fish masks.

Horticultural and flower-growing organisations also displayed their products on a tractor-drawn float and green posters calling for "taking care of our common home."

"We demand that the countries of the North, who are mainly responsible for this climate and socio-environmental crisis, take responsibility for the ecological debt they owe to the countries of the South and finance this transition," said Ariana Krochick, 23, a member of the "Collective Consciousness" movement.

Federico Winokur, 29, rallied against "climate genocide denialist politicians." 

"There are youth all over the world that sees that capitalism is destroying our future while government policies privilege the profits of big business."

"We demand climate justice and a just energy transition, we can no longer continue with a fossil fuel model," said Sofia Vergara Moya, 19, who called for "climate policies to be part of the agenda" of the government.

Amnesty International Argentina participated in the demonstration with a petition calling for the urgent approval of the Ley de Humedales law to protect wetlands.

"The bill is about to reach 10 years of postponement," said Mariela Belski, director of Amnesty International Argentina.

The initiative was resubmitted to Congress at the beginning of March for debate.





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