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ARGENTINA | 18-11-2017 10:21

Ecleris transfers Executive to the USA

The group expects to regain the growing path in the USA and International markets with Mr. Sand leading the US based Company

The Board of Directors of the Ecleris Group announces the transfer of Mr. Henry Sand, one of its executive directors and founders,  to the United States as President and Chief Executive Officer of EUSA Global LLC, a subsidiary company located in Florida, to lead the Company’s expansion in the United States and international markets. Mr. Henry Sand earned a degree in Electronic Engineer at the Buenos Aires University in 1996 and has broad experience in Medical Devices, International Sales, Reseachr and Development, Finances, Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs.  He is the best professional for taking the leading position of the US Company. 

EUSA Global LLC provides domestic and international logistics technical support to the Ecleris product line, and product assembly under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). The Company plans to obtain ISO 13485 certification that will allow the manufacture of products with CE mark for exporting them to Europe and other regions that are adopting ISO as the main quality standard in their regulatory framework.

EUSA Global LLC was founded in 2013 by Miguel Lacour, Marcos Ledesma and Henry Sand. The fast growing of the medical device industry in the USA and other International markets demands the presence of a company executive in that location to better serve the company’s business plan, that can only be achieved by investing and expanding the business unit in the USA under the direction of Mr. Sand.   The group expects to regain the growing path in the USA and International markets with Mr. Sand leading the US based Company to its full potential, that includes new OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partnerships, new distribution channels and new markets like Aesthetics, Ophthalmology and Dental.

Ecleris SRL is one of the local 10 largest exporters of medical devices. The need to provide services and support in a timely manner moved Ecleris to transfer Mr. Henry Sand to the USA. 
The board is fully committed to the development and support of the US and International markets under the leadership of Mr. Henry Sand. His extensive professional career and proven results are key factors in the success of the Company’s expansion plans.

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