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ARGENTINA | 11-03-2022 16:40

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner hits out at ‘paradoxical’ attack on her Senate office

Vice-president and Senate chief expresses dismay at "paradoxical" attack on her Senate office during protests against government's International Monetary Fund debt bill.

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner lashed out at demonstrators and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Thursday after her congressional office was damaged by protesters.

The Congress building was stoned on Thursday by a demonstration rejecting the IMF agreement then being debated in the Chamber of Deputies.

The following day, Fernández de Kirchner posted a video on her Twitter account showing the state of her office after the attacks, while also defining the approval of the agreement as an "immense shame."

The former president showed images of the destruction caused by the stones of the demonstrators, which were thrown from the street through the windows while Congress was voting. 

"Today is March 11. Yesterday afternoon while the Chamber of Deputies was beginning debate on the new agreement with the IMF to finance the loan which Mauricio Macri requested from that organisation for US$57 billion, we were in my Congress offices along with Senators Oscar Parrilli and Anabel Fernández Sagasti, as well as the deputy Máximo Kirchner,” said CFK in the video.

"At that moment, there was a massive political demonstration against the economic plan of the IMF occupying all Congress square and the Avenida de Mayo down to 9 de Julio. Minutes after they started to burn tyres marking the initials of the IMF, a small group of demonstrators began to stone Congress with great intensity. The images you are seeing are my office after being stoned," she continued.

"Paradoxically it was my office which they attacked. The office of somebody who faced up to the vulture funds, who kept the IMF out of the country, keeping faith with legacy of my comrade Néstor Kirchner and who also took the decision to construct Frente de Todos, which permitted the defeat of Mauricio Macri," remarked Cristina, who maintained that over and above her political posts, she was always in the first place "a political militant."

Regarding the agreement with the IMF approved by the Chamber of Deputies, she commented: "I have seen since the recovery of democracy in 1983, scenes of violence always linked to that organisation and above all to the policies imposed on different governments."

At the close of the video, the vice-president of Alberto Fernández recalled the words of her late husband Néstor Kirchner, who maintained that the IMF "always acted as a promotor and vehicle of policies which provoked poverty and pain for the Argentine people. Again... an immense shame," she concluded.



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