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ARGENTINA | 09-09-2020 17:48

Court in La Plata orders eviction of Guernica encampment

Appeals Court in La Plata orders clearance of occupied land on southern fringes of Buenos Aires, including eviction of estimated 2,500 poverty-stricken families.

The La Plata Court of Appeals has ordered the clearance and eviction of some 2,500 families from an illegal encampment in Guernica, Buenos Aires Province.

The land seizure, which began on July 20, drew headlines last week, with experts subsequently expressing concern for the camp’s struggling occupants and the potential spread of Covid-19 among them. 

"The collective eviction must be carried out on a date to be determined and must be during daytime and cannot be implemented in adverse weather conditions," the court’s judges said in a ruling.

The court ordered "an operation to bring into effect the eviction requested by the Public Prosecutor's Office” to stop “the alleged crime that is being committed." 

Judges said the operation should be carried out with “the greatest care for the integrity of the people” occupying the land and their property.

Finally, the court ordered that healthcare professionals, doctors and ambulances be present, as well as vehicles to enable those living there to be carried away from the site.

The squatters, who took over unused land in the partido of Presidente Perón, are living in tents and huts over a space of around 100 hectares, divided into two parts.

The occupation is the largest of a number of similar land seizures taking place across the country. 

Around a thousand people originally settled. Around 2,500 families, including young children, are believed to be living on the site at present.




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