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ARGENTINA | 17-12-2018 16:20

Councillor arrested on suspicions of running a child prostitution ring

Authorities allege councillor Daniel Zisuela used his power and influence to lure young girls to offer sex in hotels scattered across southern Greater Buenos Aires.

A sitting member of the Florencio Varela city council was arrested on Monday on suspicions he was operating a child prostitution ring.

Buenos Aires provincial police reported the arrest of councillor Daniel Zisuela, 56, at his property near La Plata, the capital of Buenos Aires province.

Another 11 raids took place throughout Monday, after one of his alleged victims reported the scheme to the police.

Prosecutors claim Zisuela operated a child prostitution ring from the Princes Resto restaurant in Florencio Varela where he summoned his underage sex workers. The councillor used his power and influence to convince the young girls to offer sex in hotels scattered across southern Greater Buenos Aires, sources from the provincial Security Ministry told Perfil.

"Do me a favour and send me a pretty photo of you. I'm with a friend I'm selling you to", he was heard in audio files leaked to the media.

"Come on, get ready, baby, coz you've got to work tomorrow. Tomorrow at three I'll come and get you", he said in another part of the audio file.


Zisuela is the secretary general of the hotel and food workers union UTHGRA. He is also a former president of the Club Argentino de Quilmes and a former candidate for mayor.

He currently sits as a councillor in Florencia Varela for the dissident Peronist Sergio Massa's Renewal Front movement.

The case against him is in the hands of the Guarantees Tribunal of Berazategui.


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