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ARGENTINA | 13-01-2019 15:53

Congress to address Security Ministry bill aimed at creating registry of criminals' DNA

Perpetrators of homicide, extortive kidnappings, assault and robbery would be included in the registry.

The government will lodge a bill to Congress to allow the State to keep a DNA record of the perpetrators of serious crimes such as homicide and armed robbery.

"It is a registry that already exists for rapists and the truth is that Argentina was a pioneer in this type of situation. It is a more efficient form of identification than finger prints", Gerardo Milman, the Security Ministry's Cabinet Chief, told Radio Mitre.

The government last week announced that it would lodge a bill in Congress to reduce the age of criminal responsibility to 15, following similar recent announcements regarding security policy.

Perpetrators of homicide, extortive kidnappings, assault and robbery would be included in the registry, Milman confirmed.

The DNA would be obtained via saliva, with results then entered into a software system which Argentina obtained from the FBI in 2013 following the high-profile rape and murder of Angeles Rawson.


“Security conditions will change and this depends on creating a social and educational regime which, when a minor commits a robbery, irrespective of their age, he or she will enter into a system that addresses such behaviour, which is burdensome for society,” Security Minister Patricia Bullrich said in an interview with Radio Mitre, following news the government would seek to lower the age of criminal responsibility.

Her portfolio enjoys the full support of President Macri, with some observers speculating the government will pursue a strong anti-crime message as it approaches the October general and presidential elections.

The Security Ministry said in early January it had purchased 300 Taser guns for Federal Police officers, while also development plans to allow immigration officials to swiftly deport foreigners found guilty of committing crimes.


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