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ARGENTINA | 19-02-2018 16:33

CFK gets unwanted birthday present: more leaks

The former president can be heard attacking Peronist lawmakers for distancing themselves from the so-called Kirchnerite coalition in Congress.

For her opponents, the tapped telephone conversations between Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and former AFI intelligence agency chief Oscar Parrilli are the gift that keeps on giving.

Not so for the former president-cum-Senator who today turned 65.

Controversial journalist Luis Majul claims he will play more of the audios this week during his radio show Libre on AM990.

The latest recordings come from a call dated June 24, 2016 in which Fernández de Kirchner can be heard telling Parrilli that she “never” cared about the Justicialist Party (JP). CFK and her supporters abandoned the PJ during the October 2017 mid-terms to form Citizens United.

So far, a series of three conservations have been published online in which CFK and Parrilli discuss Federal Judge Claudio Bonadio’s investigations into the former president and her family.

The pair also take aim at Peronist lawmakers for distancing themselves from the Kirchnerite coalition in Congress to form a moderate faction more favourable to President Mauricio Macri’s agenda.

Fernández de Kirchner can be heard describing lawmaker Remo Carlotto “a son of a bitch” for having realigned himself with the Movimiento Evita.

They also celebrate, sarcastically, former Army Chief César Milani’s decision to join the JP. Milani, who ascended to Army Chief under Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, is in preventive detention on charges of corruption. He is also facing accusations of human rights violations during the 1976-83 military dictatorship.


The leaks have captivated Argentines not only for their insight into the former president’s frame of mind and political tactics, but for her use of profanity to describe her opponents.

In this latest batch of leaks, she can be heard calling her nemesis Margarita Stolbizer a “fat son of a bitch”.


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