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ARGENTINA | 13-08-2018 11:12

CFK decries alleged witchhunt during court appearance, denies bribery

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner described her current legal woes as part of "a political decision of the Judiciary, at its highest levels, in coordination with the Executive and the mainstream media".

Former president-cum-Senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner appeared at the Comodoro Py courthouse at 9.35 Monday morning to address allegations she participated in an alleged graft ring involving former high-ranking government officials and business leaders in the construction sector.

Fernández de Kirchner has denied the allegations made against her after a series of photocopied notebooks belonging to a former Planning Ministry driver revealed the details of an apparent kick pack scheme involving top officials in her and former president Néstor Kirchner's governments.

CFK, who is protected by parliamentary immunity in the Senate, presented a written testimony to judge Claudio Bonadio and prosecutor Carlos Stornelli. She called for Bonadio's recusal and for the case to be nullified. 

The former head of state's allies allege that judge Bonadio is leading a witch hunt against her, a line CFK took on social media following her appearance in court yesterday.

"From December 10, 2015, I have had six criminal cases invented against me and all of these stem from Comodoro Py. Of the six, five were started and promoted by Bonadio. A miracle? No," she said in a statement published on her Facebook account.

She described the situation she faces as "a political decision of the Judiciary, at its highest levels, in coordination with the Executive and the mainstream media".

"This new regional strategy to proscribe the political leaders, movements and forces that extended rights and permitted millions of people in the last decade and half of the 20th century to exit poverty", she added.

"Today, Bonadio summons me again accusing me of being the boss of a new illicit organisation. This time with the main construction-sector businessmen. This is my fourth illicit organisation. At least I'm the boss", she added, ironically.

Last time the former head of state appeared at Comodoro Py she was accompanied by thousands of supporters. But prior to this morning's testimony, she called on her supporters for calm, asking them to stay home.


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