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ARGENTINA | 27-08-2018 10:23

CFK alleges 'toxic substances' left in properties following searches

In a statement, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said the staff who cleaned her house following a court-ordered search were treated in hospital for possible poisoning.

Former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has reported alleged irregularities in the court-ordered searches of her properties this weekend, including possible poisoning.

In a statement, CFK's lawyer claimed the staff who cleaned her apartment in the Recoleta neighbourhood of Buenos Aires were treated in hospital following the search.

CFK's city apartment and two houses in the southern Santa Cruz provinces were searched this weekend, after the Senate voted in favour of temporarily stripping her of immunity from raids on her properties. The former head of state is being investigated for alleged graft. Her legal team denied the existence of "vaults or illicit documentation" in her properties.

After cleaning the apartment, the cleaning staff were forced to attend the Clínicas Hospital in Buenos Aires, where "symptoms stemming from contact with toxic substances" were documented including "dizziness, strong itching in the throat and eyes, and difficulties breathing", the statement read.

"For this reason, my client has decided not to return to that apartment until there is a certain evaluation of the space and objects that were manipulated during the search".

The situation has been reported to police.

CFK also complained that the duration of the search of her El Calafate property "was extended in an illegal and deliberate way with the unequivocal purpose of generating more noise and material for the front-pages of the weekend newspapers".

Regarding long-held rumours of secret rooms and hidden treasure at CFK's properties, her lawyer declared: "Absolutely false information was leaked the press, as is custom: There are no vaults or documents and objects of illicit origin in any of the properties".


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