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ARGENTINA | 19-05-2022 21:40

Provisional Census 2022 count reveals Argentina's population is 47.3 million

According to provisional results from the National Census 2022, released Thursday by INDEC, Argentina's population is made up of 47,327,407 people, with women making up the majority.

Argentina's population is made up of 47,327,407 people, according to provisional results from the National Census 2022.

The figure, released by the INDEC national statistics bureau on Thursday night, is a significant rise on the 40.1 million people identified in the 2010 edition of the once-in-a-decade survey, the last taken.

Initial results from the National Census of Populations, Homes and Households 2022, which was conducted on Wednesday, also reveal that women make up the majority of the population, 52.83 percent of residents in total. Of the remainder, 47.05 percent are male, with the remaining 0.12 percent responding that they do not identify as either of the aforementioned.

For this year's edition of the survey, the following categories were added to the question on gender identity: “female, trans woman, transvestite, male, trans man, trans masculine, non-binary, other identity.” 

INDEC said that 50.32 percent of the population had adopted to register their details online beforehand via its Digital Census webpage. The rest were surveyed via a field operation involving more than 600,000 census workers. 

The remaining census data will now be analysed, with a definitive count and additional details released in a few months, the bureau said.

Full detailed results are expected to be published in a year and a half's time.


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