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ARGENTINA | 24-12-2019 13:04

Bullrich bemoans new security minister's move to remove Macri-era protocols

Recently departed security minister accuses new government of holding "ideological apparatus that is always on the side of the thief."

Former security minister Patricia Bullrich has strongly criticised the Alberto Fernández administration, accusing her political opponents of having an "ideological apparatus that is always on the side of the thief."

The comments come after Sabrina Frederic – Bullrich's successor as Argentina's security minister – moved to eliminate protocols the departed official introduced for the use of firearms and tasers, as well as other controversial policies, such as powers that grant police the power stop pedestrians at train stations, without reason, and request to see their ID.

In an interview with Radio La Red, Bullrich said that in Argentina "there is an ideological apparatus that is always on the side of the thief."

"No matter what happened, they never look at the facts. If a policeman uses a weapon, they are always on the side of the civilian, even if he is the one who killed the English tourist," she said, referring to the high-profile murder of British tourist Martin Gibbard earlier this month in Buenos Aires.

Nine individuals have been arrested over the attack to date.

"They are always against the police," charged Bullrich.

The comments came after Security Minister Frederic repealed several resolutions passed by her predecessor, including the "General Regulations for the Use of Firearms by Members of the Federal Security Force," introduced in November 2018. 

Frederic also cancelled the use of non-lethal election weapons, specifically taser guns" and ordered that "the use of lethal weapons by law enforcement officials is only enabled" when in extreme situations when lives are in danger.

Bullrich reacted strongly to the news of the changes, criticising her successor's move.

"I don't want to talk badly about the [new] minister, but you can't do security with ideological blinkers on."


"I hope that what was done with the security forces is not erased at a stroke. In the case of the use of regulatory weapons, police officers had come to feel safe," Bullrich said.

"It is regrettable that now they let police officers live with uncertainty and feel as though they are unprotected."

On tasers, she said their use was "non-ideological," describing them as "a non-lethal pistol."

She argued that it was necessary to issue protocols, saying existing legislation was "very general" and not specific enough.

"We did it and now they repeal it. I'm sorry for the Police, for the Gendarmerie and for the people," Bullrich told La Red, saying that previously "members of the security forces were afraid" and that there were "more deaths of policemen and civilians."

She concluded: "Let's see if this decision by Sabrina Frederic brings more or less deaths."



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