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ARGENTINA | 08-02-2024 16:54

Bullrich announced that coast guards may use any type of firearms

Security minister to repeal a resolution dating back to her predecessor, Sabina Frederic, which prevented officers from carrying long guns.

Security minister Patricia Bullrich has announced that Naval Prefecture (Coast Guard) officers may use “any kind of weapons” when patrolling waterways and seas, going back on a resolution established during the time of her predecessor Sabina Frederic.

“Tomorrow the Official Gazette will publish a resolution for the Coast Guard to be able to use any type of firearms, and not just small arms as permitted today,” stated the official from Javier Milei’s Cabinet.

According to her, “with this resolution by Frederic they can’t use support weapons."

“Small arms don’t have the necessary range for ships with illegal cargo,” Bullrich highlighted and provided details on some operations where coast guards were overpowered.

In a press conference, the Security minister held that they “are working so that this type of situation does not happen again”.

“Criminals have used firearms and have managed to escape in some cases given this difference in the use of weapons between the Coast Guard and the criminals trying to enter or leave Argentina with unlawful materials or drugs,” the minister stressed.


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