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ARGENTINA | 11-10-2019 20:14

Bakery in Misiones receives thousands of applicants after job posting

Unemployment and underemployment crisis reveals itself at small bakery in Posadas, where a search for 15 workers resulted in a line of applicants stretching almost a kilometre long.

In the Misiones Province city of Garupá on Friday, hundreds lined up to leave their resumé at a new bakery in Posadas, which had requested 15 workers for the opening of their new branch.

The applicants formed a line spanning nearly one kilometre, according to several news outlets.

The incident began Thursday when over 2,000 people showed up outside the bakery to respond to the job posting. Friday morning saw a slightly smaller crowd of applicants, with a queue extending to around 300 metres.

The situation came as a surprise to the owners of the Petri bakery, located in Garupá, 16.8 kilometres from the city centre accessible via National Route 12.  

“We are surprised. We didn’t expect such a massive response,” Alex, the manager of the bakery, to the website Economis.

He said staff were unable to cope with the sheer amount of applicants.

Alex recounted that the majority of people arrived between Thursday and Friday, and that most of those applying were young, though a number of older applicants arrived as well, expressing their need for income.   

“The bakery has over 10 years of experience. It is one of the most established businesses in Garupá and plans to expand into Posadas, the capital of the Misiones province, where they will open a bakery, deli and café," reported Economis.

They published the job posting Monday, requesting 15 young people with bakery and waitressing experience. As of AM Thursday morning, people seeking employment have travelled from Garupá, Posadas, Oberá, Eldorado and Montecarlo.

The extensive line attracted the attention of motorists passing through the connecting route 105, on the way to the Santa Helena neighbourhood south of Posadas.

In the greater Posadas area, 2.9 percent of the population are officially unemployed (about 5,000 people), accodring to Noticias Argentinas, while another 12.7 percent (around 20,000 people) are employed but seeking additional income because they aren’t able to make ends meet each month. Meanwhile, another 11.1 percent (21,000 people) of people are underemployed and seeking additional work.

According to the INDEC national statistics bureau, 39.8 percent of residents in the same region fall below the poverty line, while 8.3 percent are living in extreme poverty.

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