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ARGENTINA | 26-01-2018 12:11

BA City Mayor: 'Macri, Vidal and I should seek reelection'

The President, the Governor of Buenos Aires Province and the Mayor of Buenos Aires City are all eligible for reelection in their respective roles in 2019.

Three of the most important governments positions in Argentina should remain in the same hands for the rest of the decade and beyond, Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta said Thursday.

“The most natural scenario would be for (President Mauricio) Macri, (Buenos Aires Province Governor Maria Eugenia) Vidal and myself to run for reelection (in 2019)”, Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta said.

“It takes time to make a difference”, he told La Nación newspaper.

The Mayor denied that the three powerful PRO party leaders had discussed reelection in 2019, for which they are all eligible in their respective roles.

Rodriguez Larreta has been part of the PRO party since its early days.

“I have had the same relationship (with President Macri) for over 15 years. The only difference today is that we do not see each other on a daily basis”, he said, playing down suggestions he and the president’s relationship was under strain.

On a separate front, he expressed optimism that the PRO could secure a legislative pact with the City branch of the UCR (Radical) party.

Asked about a possible deal with former Ambassador to the US Martín Lousteu, Rodriguez Larreta said: “We’re open to speaking with everybody”.


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