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ARGENTINA | 19-05-2020 01:11

'Narcoabuela' – Busted dealer told police cocaine was 'sweets for grandchildren'

54-year-old woman stopped by police in San Telmo found with 80 street-ready doses of cocaine. Asked to explain why she was out during the lockdown, she told officers she was carrying "sweets for my grandchildren."

A 54-year-old woman – who is now being dubbed the "Narcoabuela" by local media outlets – was arrested in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires on Monday, after being caught breaking the mandatory lockdown to transport cocaine.

Her colourful moniker is a result of her alleged comments upon being detained by police, who stopped her to ask why she was out and about.

"I'm carrying sweets for my grandchildren," she reportedly told officers, while showing off a permit to circulate freely in the City.

The incident happened on Monday afternoon. Officers from the City Police's South Zone Operations Division stopped the suspect on Chacabuco street on Monday night, according to reports. 

The woman, who had a licence to circulate despite the mandatory quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, was carrying "80 doses of cocaine," police told the Noticias Argentinas news agency.

Photos leaked online of the alleged bust showed small tied-up bags lined up alongside other seized items, which include "two mobile phones and 3,710 pesos in cash," police said.

The suspect was taken into custody and charged with breaking Argentina's drug legislation. According to reports, she has exercised her right to remain silent.

Investigators believe she was not only transporting the drug, but selling it too.


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