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ARGENTINA | 07-04-2019 15:52

Argentine businessman arrested for torturing workers in Chile factory

Hugo Larrosa was an officer of Argentina's Federal Police before immigrating to Chile.

An Argentine businessman was arrested in Chile on Saturday for allegedly torturing workers at his factory.

Hugo Larrosa was arrested in what the Chilean press have labelled the "Factory of Terror" scandal. His preventative arrest warrant was issued on the grounds he represented a "threat to safety" and for "flight risk", Police reported.

Another factory worker, who had participated in the torture, released the video as part of his plea bargain with the court, the Chilean news network 24horas reported.

In a shocking video, which has gone viral in Chile, Larrosa can be seen lashing out at one of the workers in particular, pinching the man with a sharp object in and around his genitals.

"It was forced obedience. He forced me to be still and made the most of the situation to torture me. I was his toy. I had to tolerate it all, I just wanted it to end", one victim reported. He suffered torture at the company from 2012 until 2016, when he left.

According to the criminal complaint, the businessman would often force workers to get undressed - with the help of other workers - before hitting and kicking them.

"We were able to gather concrete evidence, witness testimonies and audiovisual material - enough to prove the crime of sexual abuse against adults over the age of 14", the head of the Police Investigations Unit of Chile Francisco Ceballos told reporters.

Larrosa was an officer of Argentina's Federal Police before immigrating to Chile, Perfil reported.


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