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ARGENTINA | 20-12-2023 12:02

Argentina's Embassy in Chile vandalised by anti-Milei protesters

Argentina's Embassy in Santiago attacked by anti-Milei vandals hours before planned demonstration in Buenos Aires against the new government.

The façade of Argentina's Embassy in Santiago, Chile, was damaged and daubed with paint early Wednesday morning, hours before the first demonstration against President Javier Milei's new government took place in Buenos Aires.

The entrance door of the diplomatic building was stained with black paint and graffiti was written on its walls by vandals reading: "From Santiago to Buenos Aires, 22 years later the struggle continues. Fuera Miley" (sic). 

Leaflets were also thrown on the streets around the Embassy that read: "Whoever governs, the people always lose."

Javier Lareo, Argentina's chargé d'affaires in Chile, said that the attack did not cause major damage, though he regretted that the historic building in the centre of Santiago had been attacked.

"We had no previous threats. For us it was a surprise," Lareo told reporters.

The Milei government has yet to appoint a new ambassador to Chile following the resignation of former envoy Rafael Bielsa on December 10 earlier this year.

Argentina is set to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the protests on December 19 and 20, 2001, the year of the nation's worst economic, social and political crisis in recent decades. Heavy handed policing in response to the demonstration left 39 people dead and ended with the resignation of then-president Fernando de la Rúa.

Wednesday's demonstration in Buenos Aires is the first against the new Milei administration.





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