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ARGENTINA | 20-09-2021 15:50

Argentina retains Covid quarantine period for citizens who travel overseas for work

Restrictions were due to be lifted on September 21, but move now pushed back until October 2 at earliest.

Argentina’s government has postponed the lifting of a seven-day quarantine period for citizens and foreign residents who return to the country from overseas for tourism or work purposes.

As a result of the decision, travellers who re-enter the country from international destinations will have to isolate themselves for a week, regardless of any test results or Covid-19 vaccinations. 

The government had previously said its rules ordering a mandatory quarantine period would be lifted on September 21, but this latest move pushes back the decision until October 2 at earliest.

"Given the current situation, there is still a need to ensure the conditions for the implementation" of the measure, read the notice signed by outgoing Cabinet Chief Santiago Cafiero and Health Minister Carla Vizzotti, which added it was “convenient and timely to defer the date from which" the lifting of the rules will take effect.

According to reports, the government does intend to lift the quarantine order next month for those travelling for work purposes, introducing new rules that will allow individuals to circumvent the quarantine order as long as they meet certain conditions (such as meeting certain antigen/PCR testing requirements and being fully vaccinated against Covid-19).

Since March 2020, more than 5.2 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded in Argentina, with just over 114,000 fatalities.



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