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ARGENTINA | 04-03-2022 00:26

Argentina evacuates its remaining diplomatic staff from Ukraine

Argentina's remaining diplomatic staff in Kyiv were evacuated from Ukraine in an operation carried out this Thursday, confirms Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

Argentina has evacuated its remaining diplomatic staff from Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday.

A total of 72 Argentines and 14 Ukrainians have been moved out of the country since Russia launched an invasion of the eastern European nation.

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero confirmed he had given the order to evacuate all of Argentina’s remaining staff based at its Embassy in Kyiv, which included Ambassador Elena Leticia Mikusinski, her daughter and Consul Yusef Saber. By Thursday morning, all had left Ukraine, he confirmed.

"I have given the order to evacuate. During the early hours of the morning we were carrying out an operation to transfer the ambassador, her daughter and the consul, which is the last part of the diplomatic staff we had" in Kyiv, said the minister.

Most of the Argentines who have been evacuated are currently in Poland and Hungary, said a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry, which said the Ukrainians who were assisted by diplomatic staff were mostly relatives of Argentines.

Cafiero, who called for “peace” in Ukraine, recalled that Argentina is a member of the United Nations Refugee Agency and said the country is willing to help multilateral efforts to receive Ukrainians seeking asylum.



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