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ARGENTINA | 09-05-2020 11:10

Another mass infection at nursing home prompts evacuation

At least 33 confirmed cases of Covid-19 linked to Recoleta care home.

A group of 25 elderly people were evacuated from a nursing home in Recoleta on Thursday, as another mass recording of coronavirus infections at a care home prompted immediate action.

At least 33 confirmed cases of Covid-19 have been recorded at the Carpe Diem nursing home in Recoleta, Perfil reported. A total of 27 out of 40 residents tested positive for Covid-19, along with six workers.

"A case appeared that gave a positive result to an employee. Now we are evacuating 25 infected of the 40 residents, although they are asymptomatic," said a doctor at the door of the care home in the capital.

Numerous ambulances from the city's emergency service blocked traffic as the elderly were carried out on stretchers.

The remaining 15 residents were being tested Friday and treated at various private institutes, depending on their health insurance, according to health officials.

Epidemiologists and infectologists who advise the government say that the nursing homes, prisons and shantytowns in and around Greater Buenos Aires are potential hotspots for mass contagion. Many care homes have been closed since the pandemic.

Last week, the Buenos Aires City government said that 80 inspectors would begin doing the rounds, tasked with probing the standard of care at nursing homes. 

There are 478 such institutions in the capital, with space for more than 25,000 occupants.



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